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Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020


Virtual learning has forcibly turned parents into teachers. As an educator, I’ve experienced the barriers of virtual learning, especially for students who were initially receiving different interventions in the physical classroom. Parent-teachers are doing their best, but facilitating interventions for struggling students is challenging. If we want virtual learning to benefit our students, I believe we must change the format of our lessons to adapt to this new environment.

           One of the changes we must make is how our students practice the taught skill. After doing some in-depth research (Google), I came across Room Recess. This is an online educational playground full of online games that support students in math, reading, and typing. They even have games specialized to appeal to kid’s unique interests like sports, animals, and space games. The person who created this website is a 3rd-grade teacher who specializes in making engaging activities to support student learning. This website has a plethora of games to pick from, below are a few of my favorites!


Sight Words Smash

This game works both on the desktop and on a tablet. There is a person who says the word, and the student must “smash the block” that has the name of the word on it. They have options for sight words, colors, and numbers. Great for students who need to practice sight words or even for students working to recognize colors and numbers.


Math Race

This game allows you to compete with the computer by solving different addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. You are running a “race,” and the person who answers the question the fastest wins! So much fun!



Author’s Purpose Game

This is great for older kids (3rd-6th graders) who need to distinguish the author’s purpose (persuade, inform, entertain). Students read a short paragraph and decide whether the author’s purpose was to persuade, inform, or entertain the reader. This is a great tool I plan on implementing in my virtual classroom!


Main Idea Game

I love this game! The Main Idea game is ideal for older students who struggle with identifying the main idea of a text. Students read the brief paragraph in the rain cloud and pick one of the trees that contain the main idea of the paragraph. Once they choose a tree, lightning comes down and strikes it! This is very cool. I’m not sure why but kids love to see things blow up.


There are so many unique and fun games on here. I’m kicking myself because I’m just now finding out about Room Recess, but I want to share it with you. I also love this website because it gives feedback so students can track how many questions they answered right or wrong and compete to beat their score. Room Recess gets an A+ for engagement, creativity, and fun. The link for this website, along with other free resources for parents, is included in my Free Resource Library. Click here for access!


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