How to Teach Middle Schoolers

Middle school is one of the most challenging age groups to teach. Also, if you’re looking to get into the profession, it’s the age group that needs the most teachers. (To be quite honest that’s what brought me to this grade in the first place.) However, I wouldn't change a thing, I really love this age group. Every time I tell people I teach middle school I always get the weird big-eyed “poor you” look. Let’s face it, we know we were all a little devious in the 6th grade! But this post is for those who want insight on this awkward yet rewarding grade, and if you’re an aspiring teacher…this is how to survive (:

You must keep a good poker face.

You’d be surprised at the things that come out of my student's mouths. Sometimes it is genius…and at times it's disrespectful. The key is to never let them see that it bothered you. Accept it, write it up, and move on with your lesson. Now…there are extenuating...

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Your Kid's New Favorite Online Teaching Aid

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020


Virtual learning has forcibly turned parents into teachers. As an educator, I’ve experienced the barriers of virtual learning, especially for students who were initially receiving different interventions in the physical classroom. Parent-teachers are doing their best, but facilitating interventions for struggling students is challenging. If we want virtual learning to benefit our students, I believe we must change the format of our lessons to adapt to this new environment.

           One of the changes we must make is how our students practice the taught skill. After doing some in-depth research (Google), I came across Room Recess. This is an online educational playground full of online games that support students in math, reading, and typing. They even have games specialized to appeal to kid’s unique interests like sports, animals, and space games. The person who created this website is a 3rd-grade teacher...

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