Services we offer

Our tutors specialize in a wide variety of subjects. We offer these services virtually and in-person. Due to COVID-19, we are only offering remote tutoring. Click below to find out more about pricing information and availability.
Math Available for Grades K-5th

We offer tutoring in word problems, number sense, multiplication and division, factoring, proportions, pre-algebra, algebra, and fractions.

Reading Intervention Available for Grades K-12th

Everyone reads on different levels, we specialize in decoding, sight word recognition, phonological awareness, decoding multisyllabic words and more.

Reading Comprehension/ State Test Prep Available for Grades 3rd-9th

Let us help ease testing anxiety by building skills and strategies that align with the standards through relevant texts and passages that will pique your student's interest.

Science Available for Grades 1st-5th

Science is full of theories, formulas, and concepts. We have a science teacher who is passionate about bringing science to life by connecting it to world experiences.

Writing Available for Grades K-12th

Writing is both an art and a skill to be cultivated. Let us help your child develop their ideas and creativity through writing. We also offer support in helping our students write responses to comprehension questions and handwriting techniques.


We make history come alive by teaching about concepts and eras in time that our taught from a bias perspective. Our African-American certified history teacher will help make concepts and important acts of history memorable by connecting it to the world we live in today while empowering and informing students with the academic tools they need to create change!

Tutoring For Adults

We Have Teachers who specialize in: TOEFL, IELTS, LSAT, Pre-Med Exams, ESL Learners, Learning English, Essay Writing, Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Geometry.

Homeschool Help

This workshop will help you develop your homeschool curriculum to make it more engaging, culturally relevant, and rigorous. Gabriell Gaiter, owner of The Innovative Learners tutoring agency and tenured teacher, will share her secrets of how she enhances her lessons to engage more students. If you have questions about where to start, or how to improve your existing curriculum, this workshop is for you!

Free printable resources

Self-Care Tracker

This is exclusively made to help you form wellness habits. Use stickers to make it fun for the kids too! Download below!

(Lit)eracy Reading Comprehension Webinar Notes

A one-pager that has helpful information on how to cultivate reading at home.

Download free printables here

Want to add some supplemental educational activities for your students at home? Browse some of the free teacher-made resources we have to offer our Innovative Learners and their parents.

Sight Word Bingo




Lit)eracy Reading Comprehension Webinar Notes


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