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About Us


Rest easy, knowing that our tutors are veteran teachers. Our tutors have years of classroom experience working with a wide range of students with diverse learning methods. We specialize in tutoring students with ADD, ADHD, and many other individual learning styles. We provide online tutoring services nationwide.

Personalized Lessons

It is essential that our students have engaging lessons. We know that if students cannot relate to the text, it's harder for them to engage with it. Therefore, our lessons focus on texts that highlight a diverse range of experiences, so all of our students feel represented in the books and passages they read.

Literacy Programs

Our Innovative Learner's love to read! We have developed specialized reading workshops that focus on developing students literacy skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. We accomplish this with intimate discussions facilitated by a trained reading teacher and writing activities that encourage students to connect with the text.

Tutoring for Adults!

We also tutor adult students! We have teacher-tutors who specialize in preparing adult learners for: TOEFL, IELTS, LSAT, Pre-Med Exams, ESL Learners, Learning English, Essay Writing, Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Geometry and much more.

Meet Gabriell

Gabriell is a passionate middle school English teacher who is the founder of the tutoring agency, “The Innovative Learners.” As an advocate for literacy and equity in education, she and her team of “Teacher-Tutors” tutor students by curating lessons that are specifically designed to meet the students’ needs. With a master’s in public administration and a master’s in education, Gabriell hopes to publish her own culturally responsive curriculum as a tool for schools to use nation-wide. She is a native Texan but currently resides in Harlem, New York. When she’s not grading papers or working on her business, Gabriell loves to “book shop” at her local library. Her favorite author is James Baldwin, and she internalizes his ideas about social justice to influence the way she teaches her students.


Watch Us Learn

Black is Queen: Interactive Lessons about African Identity

These lessons highlight Black Queens and guide students through a journey of identity and empowerment. It is so important to let students know that Black history begins with royalty. These lessons can be used virtually or printed out and posted as a visual gallery walk activity. These materials can be used for all grades and learning styles, there are different questions available for different learning levels. Click below to purchase!

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